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Are you ready to elevate your real estate career to new heights? Property Mind Mastery offers personalised coaching and workshops designed to empower individuals at every stage of their real estate journey. Whether you're a new starter, an ambitions agent, or an ultra-high achiever, our programs are crafted to propel you towards unparalleled success in the dynamic world of property.

Tailored Coaching

Exclusive Tools

Mental Stamina for success

More leads more listings more sales
More leads more listings more sales

Tailored Coaching

Exclusive Tools

Mental Stamina for success

Learn how to achieve what looks unachievable

Imagine becoming the go-to agent in your area. With Property Mind Mastery, we help you learn how to turn quarterly earnings into monthly success stories.

Fun Prospecting
Winning New Clients

Enjoy dynamic prospecting methods, making client connections an enjoyable journey.

More Listings
Selling More

Secure a steady stream of listings with our proven strategies

Higher sales

Earning So Much More

Achieve impressive sales figues through expert guidance and techniques.

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Lack the courage to change careers?

It's time to embrace a mentor who's ready to support you, showing how success can be achieved with bit of determination some good focus and a powerful mindset.

Empowering Migrant Success - My Story:

Picture this - an immigrant, uncertain and inexperienced, dares to step into the highly competitive world of real estate in Australia. Against all odds, I transformed doubt into determination, forging a path to prosperity from scratch. If I, as a new arrival here can thrive in real estate, so can you. Let me show you how!

Tailored One On One Property Sales Coaching

Take A Deep Dive Into Property Mind Mastery

Your'll discover all Property Mind Mastery Courses are meticulously crafted to empower you with the skills and insights needed for property sales success. From mastering negotiation tactics to leveraging market trends, our courses guide you towards achieving unparalleled results in the competitive real estate landscape.

6 Sessions
40 min/session

90-day dash

Level 1 - Experience 12 months or under

New-starter, rookie agent or just
considering a career in real estate, the 90-Day Dash is tailor-made for you. Gain traction and achieve your goals with six powerful sessions, and 6 must do strategies, transitioning you from rookie to a seasoned pro. Overcome your doubts and fears to commence and fast track your journey to success. Take action now!

6 Sessions
90 min/session

Real estate game changer

Level 2 - Experience 1 -2 years

Struggling to elevate your sales to the next level? Introducing Game Changer by Science of Prosperity, designed to get you unstuck and propel you forward. A transformative journey in which you'll gain access to powerful sales strategies. proven techniques and mindset mentoring tailored specifically for agents like you. Learn to stay focused, overcome challenges, dominate listings and build a thriving property sales business. Enrol into Game Changer now.

6 Sessions
60 min/session

Sales momentum mastery

Level 3 - Experience 2 years plus

Riding a wave of rising sales but hungry for greater heights? Welcome to Sales Momentum Mastery, an intensive program for seasoned agents eager to turbocharge their success. Gain access to advanced sales strategies, potent techniques, and ongoing mindset refinement designed to catapult your business to new heights. Learn to sustain and amplify your growth, ensuring consistent increases in sales and command your path to dominance in property sales. Enrol now!


Property Mind Master

The greatest belief you can have, is the belief you have in yourself.

Amaro Velho

What's your possibility in real estate?

Dare to dream bigger, reach higher and achieve more than you ever thought possible. Discover the transformative power of self-belief and start to carve a highly successful career in real estate.

I found Amaro’s presence and energy to be refreshingly clear. Assisting me by his ability to listen and hold the energy to deliver a succinct response which was light and positive. Amaro gave me the confidence to tap into my inner knowing and empowered me to make informed and strong decisions for my own future path.

I would highly recommend Amaro’s services for anyone who's feeling stuck, disrespected and or just wanting some positive direction guidance within their business and life. Amaro understands you first, then everything else falls into place.

Todd Mason

I recently attended a 6-week coaching course offered by Science of Prosperity (SOP) with Amaro Velho as the founder and facilitator. To be honest, at the outset I was quite uncertain of what to expect as I am quite self-motivated and driven entrepreneur, however what I discovered on this journey, was something quite unexpected; I discovered my true purpose in this life! If that was not enough, I was given the tools to set goals and create my vision to support this purpose. Amaro’s extensive subject knowledge and associated( and relatable) life experience, strategically structured into this journey, allowed me to ‘self-discover’ these hidden treasures within me. I can highly recommend SOP coaching course. You never know what you may discover, it could change your path & your life.


It has been a pleasure working with Amaro. His depth and breadth of knowledge and experience make him a great mentor. I would recommend trying his mindset workshops if you want to make a shift in your life and/or career!

Ilya Davydkin

With a refined understanding of the importance of strategy working WITH sales & marketing, Amaro certainly knows his market. A personable, professional and skilled communicator, he is a great leader, with the ability to coach, mentor and advise.

Hayley Pinch

I can’t recommend Amaro highly enough. If you want to build on your self-image and take your career to the next level then you must attend one of his Seminars. A very personable, knowledgeable and professional sales coach who will add value to both your personal and professional life.

Jennifer Noye

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Discover 6 essential phases that you must go through to re-invent yourself and revolutionise your results.

If you are here today, you likely crave a fulfilling career in property sales. Our transformational 6 session programs go beyond just conceptual undertaking. This is where we strip away the old limiting belief systems and show you a way to re-discover what it takes to be truly successful in sales

Phase 1 - Awakening

Phase 2 - Enlightenment

Phase 3 - Creative

Phase 4 - Transformational

Phase 5 - Momentum Building

Phase 6 - Mastery

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"His constant remarks was observe the observer. Still your mind. And watch your own thoughts and actions. Observe yourself as others would observe you. Achieve full consciousness of what you are doing every moment of yourself.”

A. P. S. Velho

The 5 Daily Disciplines

Achieve extraordinary results in property sales with our powerful daily disciplines! Boost your focus, productivity, and success by incorporating these habits into your routine. Transform your
career and reach your goals faster. Download now to start your journey to prosperity!